Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mercury in Virgo Retrograde - Truth or Dare.

It is one thing to believe in a cause, or a person or a choice.  It is another to have to stand up to be counted for it. Or to lay yourself on the line in some more dangerous way.  Mercury retrograde in Virgo prompts just that kind of thing,

It is a catalyst for change through conflict either exposed and addressed or covered and denied.  At the end of its searching circuit plain facts emerge, even plainer actions sought, truth undeniable.

Virgo seeks purity of intention and action.  It is simply the sifter and sorter of anomalies, half truths, dissemblers and hypocrites.  It says it like it is and doesn't care for subterfuge.

Out until the 12th September there is a laying bare of scenarios and situations needing to be seen more clearly by those involved on all sides.

A small period in the first few days of September as the planet moves back briefly into Leo gives some refuge via escape into exaggerate or distortion or fancy dress.  But the direct motion again into Virgo on the 12th of the month takes everything back to the starting blocks and the starker choices.

Truth or Dare is one of the more subtler games of Meury in it own sign of Virgo.

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