Monday, 17 July 2017

Going Wrong to get it Right .... much of Life is correct by default....

Experiences must be had … life must be seen, lived, explored. Naturally it means a lot of bad calls (when seen from the angle of logistics or common sense) and possibly poor judgements. Anything from dire mistakes to minor blips. Lot of them about. We no longer live in an age of 'structured rationale' - we live in an age of curiosity and breaking ground.

For sure, in certain life areas … raising families, taking out mortgages etc, we may err on the side of extreme caution, but as all life is a risk we cannot be sure whether the move we made was a good one or a poor one. It's a lottery. The more we make moves the more we are called to make moves. It's a perpetuating process .. some call it entering the adult world and others name it the rat race. Unless we go into retreats or organizations where our decisions are made for us we begin on the ocean of change and unpredictability the minute we leave school and take our first seasonal bus pass.

Knowledge and information is thrust at us from all sides. To experience life in the raw is to embrace all emotion and all sensation, not just the glorious and the good. The truth is that nowadays and increasingly we must walk on the wild side to get to the sunny side. And even then the sunny side may become boring. So we are prone to doing outrageous things, and stupid things and things which gain us a rep one way or another. The more successful we are the more we may be propelled to it. The more successful people become the more they need to buck the system. Maybe to lead the pack away from stagnation, but in essence to serve their soul needs.

Making mistakes, going wrong is part of a world of individuals carving out a name, setting markers and doing it for themselves. Someone always has to lose first off so others can eventually win. Being prepared to lose is the hallmark of a success. Not the end of their story but the sign of the grit it takes to get there. There can be no other way and nowadays the game is getting more interesting for everyone. If you have not taken a major risk by the time you are fifty you may never know what it is to exercise choice and grow from it. Setting aside the platitudes like: 'he who dares wins' or 'no pain no gain' etc - because that is not just what we are saying - it is an age when we do not stand still for very long, either as a collective, a partnership or an individual. Risk and change is forced upon us. It's the way it is and the way it is going to be.

So much of life is correct by default. It often goes wrong before it goes right!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Changing Worlds - Venus & Uranus Transit, Chilling or Thrlling.

Now that Uranus has finished untangling and shredding the issues of Venus in Aries and the goddess planet has gone into the more luxuriant vibe of Taurus, we see the results of some of the personal frays and wrangles which this influence created.  All may be over bar the shouting, but the dust has yet to settle on this trail laid essentially by the long transit of Venus through the sign since February.

So, headache, and some heartaache, as metals were tested and those of us who are inclined to campaigning or pioneering for new ways or new territory felt ourselves called to arms by sundry causes or situations which have left us either stronger in our convictions or weaker in terms of valuable resources .... possibly both.

Not for the feint hearted, the Uranus/Aries onslaught was aided and abetted by a strong trine from Saturn/Sagittarius which peaked in May and saw old conventions or habits flouted and prominence of priority change, while innovative and untried methods took their place. Whether in our personal life, our communal life or our career, we may still be reeling from twists and turns which left us staggered and uncomprehending. The ways of Venus are subtle, and silent, and often strangely impersonal for such a personal planet. Shedding light on our deepest urges in ways which may chill us or thrill us. Mars joined forces with Venus in February and the battles may have been thrilling or compelling, but had to be ultimately won by stealth as Mars exited the sign in March and left to consolidate in places for further down the time-line. March to May were exhilarating or debilitating as silent or covert campaigns unfolded, or subtle powers prevailed, but ultimately this period will count for much. 

The exercise itself was not simply to modify the subject under review - whatever that is for you - but to strengthen our reactions to spontaneous activity and, in many cases, to allow in the previously unthinkable. Clunky changes of gear then on machinery oiling the day-to-day drive of our personal ego systems or the mechanics of our individual infrastructures. The world is changing, to say the least. We cannot think, act or speculate as our forefathers did, in any way shape or form.  We can try but the thing we are trying with or for may wither before our eyes and become as extinct as the dinasaur.  Enterprise, associations, projects, orchestrations or creations ..... and as we are an extension of what we do, we felt ourselves flounder in a malestrom of fluctuating frequency and demand, requiring us to learn new notes and interpretation as fast as we can run alongside the situation or the circumstance itself.

We are manifesting and creating more quickly and more powerfully than ever before in our known history, and some of us wonder where a lot of what we meet has come from and what we have done to deserve it - good or bad!  Our karma is doubly speeded and to think positively and with intent is to evoke pressure to act in response.

The barriers of cause through to long-term effect are quaking.  Maybe there is no long-term effect worthy of our attention for any length of time; every immediate effect takes its own route and makes it to posterity or does not.  

Uranus is concerned with transformation and transmutation and transportation.  And it might be true to say that transformation is instantaneous now from the right cause, or it is not happening at all.  To understand 'cause and effect' or the 'Law of Attraction' is to get our heads round this more quickly, but the evidence is there for all to see, within our own lives, and our own issues, however minimal or seemingly inconsequential.  In the bigger issues the speed of happening is unparalleled, and will become more so as the next few years elapse.

The Uranus through Aries vibration is due to end in May of 2018, but February out to May of 2017 saw the inner planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars - bring the hot topics for us all to the top of the agenda. These will be different depending on individual birth charts and need to be recognized, addressed or dignified by deeper understanding when Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in late July so that new scripts of understanding become decipherable and are not lost, thus lending new energetic to more managable sitiuations. Whatever the issues, there will be a crucial or urgent tone to them, even if the ongoing theme has diluted to an undertone that is easier to deal with.

Uranus, traditonally the ruler of Aquarius, has always been responsible for transformation and breakthorugh, notoriously caring little about what it breaks down on the way to new horizons.  We can no longer hold on to what is outwowrn or outgrown and the universe requires dissolution before creation can take place. The speed of this process - creation, maintenance and dissolution might be off the scale, but the possibilities it presents within our development are astounding.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Prepare to be Amazed : The Saturn/Sagittarius to Uranus/Aries trine peaks in late December ...

The Saturn/Sagittarius & Uranus/Aries trine is running now and will peak around the 20th December this year.

It is forming the kind of scenarios which will amaze: either incurring in some places a surprising increase in status or wealth via unconventional means. Or building the sort of disfunction from which a quick escape is sought. Uranus is the rhythm of the unconventional, the maverick, the sudden, the out of the way. Saturn of course is the stone in which all things greater have to be cast. Aries and Sagittarius, two of the more rumbustious of the fire signs, love to gamble or to dare. Sagittarius with a little more strategy, but still as go-getting as Aries.

Plans and ventures and schemes of all natures fall prey to this quixotic rhythm as the square builds. And Mercury in Sagittarius until the 2nd December will unfurl the various details and facts on which the main themes rest. Not until the Mercury retrograde motion in Capricorn on the 19th December to the second week of January will the details be sorted, or tested for durability, but as both Venus and Mars are in Aquarius for a great part of that month, the leverage to even greater expansion or unusual methods of supporting or transporting certain schemes to completion will brook no interference, even when the going gets tough or untenable. It may be mid-January when the common sense which Saturn is famous for kicks in and sorts the facts from the fiction, as Mercury goes direct again in Capricorn.

Uranus/Aries is unconcerned with the niceties, or the complexities, seeking only to get things to stages not previously reached. Progress is everything, even if it’s at the risk if long term stability.

The trine then continues loosely somewhere into April next, when Saturn retrogrades, gradually backing away from defused situations or those which can now move on, having found less perilous routes, or have dissolved altogether in the light of an insubstantial climate.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chart of Donald Trump - President, USA.

In President Trump’s astrological chart the Sun Gemini conjuncts Uranus and is opposition Moon/Sagittarius conjunct the South Node. This aspect denotes something of the inherent dictator and autocrat.

His Leo ascendant is in an anorectic degree; he is concerned with ego and seeks a sense of belonging on a grand scale, he is prone to crowd pleasing but by the same rule is scathing of people who do not approve of him. The Gemini nature battles with contradictions and can end up being misunderstood on matters it feels strongly about but cannot reconcile. But he also has planets in Cancer which point to emotionality to a large degree. This makes him veer between exterior appearances of hardness while battling with inner sensitivities he seeks to conceal.

He has coarseness in his nature, but is a snob with delusions of grandeur. Something of a fantasist. Though he may think of himself as visionary

Moon/Sagittarius conjunct the South node denotes what he may have to give up or sacrifice, and much of this will resonate around his private life. There is a massive personal learning curve between now and September this year given by transiting Saturn on the natal Moon which will tend to make him feel the limitation of presidency.

Has he bitten off more than he can chew!?

September is some kind of crunch time, but circumstances surrounding it may be kept secret.

A powerful trine from natal Mars/Leo to Moon/Sagittarius points to over-indulgence in many matters. It is reckless verbally and careless in action. It is the opposite of deliberated, and this shows in September, when he has to display sincerity or thoroughness to something he has said about women and possibly childbirth issues. The females in his life and the female voters could be his downfall, or could turn the tables against him between September and the end of the year.

Neptune & Jupiter/Libra in his second house show an ability to go back on promises, contracts and so on. To do u-turns which he thinks of as natural changes of mind which others see as fickle and treacherous.

Natal Mars & Pluto in the twelfth house give rise to scandals begging exposure. Does he practice what he preaches? …..

The Pluto aspect in Leo twelfth house is about power undisclosed; interaction with other agencies or parties which cannot be known … just yet. This alludes to the exposure talked of in the previous paragraph.

In November transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will square his natal Pluto in Leo – this brings powerful opponents out of the woodwork and is when he may have to fight to sustain his position to a dramatic background of political manoeuvre, and to a serious point.

Hie is prone to spending over-indulgently, overdoing certain things and skimping on others. His spending may be liberal but not well advised.

Planets in his second house Libra point to his success in his own businesses but also to nefarious activity or a mad surge to acquire against all odds …. especially earlier in his life. He will have considerable enemies from previous years, and these can adversely affect his presidency.

Immigration, foreigners and volatile relations are likely to be high on the agenda and will bring needless and frivolous skirmish within opposition. This challenges his right to remain in office and is an overriding factor in his first year.

A stellium of planets in Cancer shines the spotlight on the home affairs of the nation – he may regenerate the Rust Belt. The steel and coal industries will be rebuilt and American home needs will be accentuated to a greater extent than foreign or global interests. He is very concerned with domestic issues and popularity will grow because of that.

He may become insular and be less inclined to travel abroad than previous presidents. (Gemini Sun, contrary to its versatility and love of variety, often becomes insular in later years). There is in fact a predisposition to danger when he travels and this is seen by natal Mars so close on his ascendant in the late degrees of Leo. Plus Moon/Sagittarius opposition Sun which can give danger to life while abroad. As he ages his recklessness is refined to his speech or decision making rather than his own movement or travel.

Transiting Uranus squares his natal Venus and Saturn in May in the eleventh house, so again we have female energy disrupting or upsetting his plans It could be personal and not disclosed but in the long run the presence of Saturn shows that whatever this is will not go away easily.

The day of his inauguration gave Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. making up part of what is known as the Horary Chart for that occasion, and denote some kind of feelings of having to learn or bone up on stuff he should already know.

The blind leading the blind …. Double dealing aids or support workers are also shown from elsewhere in the chart.

Needing to lean on personal advisers or aids heavily at all times.

Inwardly Donald Trump feels and believes he is an apprentice president and is full of bluster disguising trepidation about inadequacy. He blusters his way thorough, and smooths things over with sweeping statements that ultimately leave him vulnerable to criticism. However, his dogmas are very strongly rooted and don’t easily change. He has considerable blind sides and doesn't know what to think on many occasions when challenged by greater wisdom or insight.

He needs attention, rather than approval. So negative attention suits him often just as well. He may run the gauntlet with established agencies like the CIA or the FBI … and lose.

Transiting Mars squaring his Sun/Gemini on the day of inauguration gives a likelihood of a temporary or insubstantial term of presidency or office.

While Transiting Venus close to Mars and Neptune on the inauguration day would suggest again, the problematic issues with women, both personally, socially and within his electorate.

From October he is called to show what he is really made of, and the power base he needs is possibly won or lost between November and February 2018.


 Astrologers: Lyn Shea & Peter Wakefield.  

Life - the Imperfect Venture

Sometimes we confuse progress with ease!  Just because the result of something is rough or difficult or contrary to requirements doesn't mean the move towards it was wrong.

If we are laying carpet, putting up wallpaper, fitting a piece of piping ... we don't always get it right first off.  We amend, modify and alter.  Life moves are similar.  They are not perfect in one go.  They are seldom even pictured overall in one go.  Few people have the vision and the clarity to see things in great and finer detail - those who do are usually more successful.

Life at best is a patchwork.  A piece of work, a work in progress. And the main problem is that life as it happens gets in the way.  Life is unfolding and does not wait for us, and if we wait for it we are almost doomed to never leave the starting blocks.

We must act and then wait, and then act again or re-enact. Sometimes we can only react, and sometimes we can only interact.  Change and pace. Sensing and moving and developing.

Life is not a perfect venture and never will be.

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Monday, 9 January 2017

David Bowie' s Astrological Chart


The astrological chart of David Bowie who died on 10th January 2016. Lyn Shea & Peter Wakefield discuss his character & achievements via his natal chart. 
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Friday, 16 December 2016

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